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GLO Tobacco Heating System Overview

GLO Tobacco Heating System Overview

GLO Tobacco Heating System Overview

Batareykin’s GLO video review

More and more tobacco companies are trying to develop low-risk products. This time, British American Tobacco introduced its glo ™ tobacco heating device on the Russian market, which has been sold in Japan and some European countries for some time. We were given a great opportunity to test this device ourselves and find out what it might be of interest to our customer.

In total, the manufacturer announced five color versions of <strong> glo </strong>: silver, graphite, golden, pink and blue


Externally  , the glo kit reminds users of electronic cigarettes a standard box mod in a stylish design with a good body coating. A classic silver color device fell into our hands, but four more colors are announced on the manufacturer’s website: graphite, golden, pink and blue. There are no fanciful frills on the case, only the “ignition” button with LED indication in a circle and a slider lid protecting the heating element from foreign objects. In the lower part of the case, an air hole, a charging port and a “technical access door” are organically located for easy cleaning of the device. The button display is able to report the charge level and displays the status of preparation for the start of use. The readiness for use and the end of the session are duplicated by a vibration signal – this is convenient if you are driving a car.



The new kit comes in a large and colorful box. Inside you will find the device itself, a brush for cleaning, a cord for recharging and visual instructions with illustrations. Tobacco sticks (as the British American Tabacco called tobacco sticks needed for work) are not included.


Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the evaporation system is extremely simple: insert a tobacco stick into the hole on the top of the case, press the button, wait for the vibration signal and take a puff. The stick inside the device warms up to the temperature of steam evolution, due to which the evaporation process takes place.

The battery in glo ™ has good battery life and can survive about 30 cycles of use without the need for recharging.

We drew attention to another feature of the work of glo: heating the next tobacco stick can be carried out immediately after the completion of the previous use session. Great option for heavy smokers! 


The feeling of using

The glo tobacco heating system is an excellent device that can replace cigarette counterparts. To taste, the sticks resemble the most popular tobacco flavors, and the feeling when puffed is very close to the feeling of using regular cigarettes. The device emits a minimal amount of steam, but its smell is very similar to the smell of tobacco. 

GLO refreshing mix

Refreshing mix

Sticks with a pronounced menthol flavor and aroma. They give the strongest sensation of a “throat blow”. Suitable for a quick break, as well as satisfy the desire to miss a cigarette or two.  

GLO classic tobacco

Classic tobacco

Sticks whose aroma most closely resembles classic tobacco. Mild flavor, notes of chocolate and a medium blow to the throat. Such sticks are suitable for those who often smoke a lot. 

GLO Citrix Mix

Citrix Mix

Sticks with the aroma of tobacco and citrus. The unusual choice of the manufacturer is due to the appearance of a large number of cigarettes with a variety of flavors. A rich and fresh taste will appeal to lovers of the new and the unusual.  Comparison with competitors

There is only one competitor to the glo ™ tobacco heating system, but what a! In the summer of 2017, Philip Morris International released an updated version of their brainchild – IQOS with a vibration signal . The main difference between IQOS and glo ™ is their form. The Aykos holder looks like a regular cigarette and needs a cigarette case with a capacious battery.

Glo ™ does not have a holder, and the main battery is built into the device that warms the stick. 

Tobacco sticks in two devices are not interchangeable. The diameter of the sticks for IQOS is equal to the diameter of classic cigarettes, and the sticks for glo have a smaller diameter and resemble Slim cigarettes.

Another important feature of the glo system is that its heating temperature is 240 degrees, and the heating element itself is installed on the outside of the stick, therefore, by the time the session ends, the device will “float” less. In turn, the heating temperature of IQOS is 350 degrees, and the heating element itself is completely immersed in the holder, which provides a greater “blow to the throat”, a more uniform opening of taste and a shorter working time. 

In conclusion, we add: we are sure that glo will find his admirer and will gain a foothold in the assortment of our company for a long time.
Come, try, choose!


  1. Really cool thing, I don’t smoke cigarettes for half a year, it doesn’t smell, I began to feel better)))))

  2. Almost no smell, no smell on the fingers of tobacco. Passed a cough. Sticks are a little more expensive than cigarettes, but smoking has become much less, so it’s more profitable even financially compared to cigarettes.

    The stick sometimes sticks to the lips, you have to hold it. When driving a car in the teeth do not jam;)

    The smoking experience of cigarettes is a little over 20 years. I took a try. I stayed on IQOS. There are cigarettes in the car and at work and at home. But there is no desire to smoke a cigarette. A day and a half packs of cigarettes left. Stykov leaves half a pack. Apparently, due to the lack of tar, breathing became easier. Chickpeas of fog in the head as after a smoked cigarette in the morning. So I advise heavy smokers definitely. .


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