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Joyetech Primo Mini Review

Joyetech Primo Mini Review

Joyetech Primo Mini Review

In the Joyetech lineup, one of the most popular is the eVic VTC Mini . For all the time of its production, she managed to become a cult and endure small changes, while her design remained almost unchanged. And now, it’s time to radically update the device, while maintaining its compactness.

Primo Mini Kit


The standard box for Joyetech is trying to keep up with expensive smartphones in design. It is made very high quality, the contents of the box do not hang inside. The device has a wide selection of colors: you can become the owner of the steel, black, red, yellow or blue Primo Mini . Two complete sets are available: in the simplified under the battery mode, you will find only a cord for fast charging that supports Quick Charge technology. In addition, you will find , in addition to all of the above, a ProCore Aries clearomizer , ProC1 and ProC1-S evaporators , as well as a spare glass and a set of o-rings.

Characteristics and appearance

The Joyetech Primo Mini runs on a single 18650 battery cell, delivers 80 watts of power, has thermal control modes, Bypass: an ordinary gentleman’s set that won’t surprise anyone.

But if you install the battery in the compartment at the bottom of the device, you will be greeted by a huge 1.3-inch display, covered with a protective glass. Given the miniature dimensions of Primo: 80mm high, 25mm wide and 39mm long – this huge screen looks simply bewitching. On it, the device can display the current time and date. The sides are decorated with a stylized carbon trim. The Fire button fits comfortably under any grip. Primo Mini supports firmware updates and fast charging mode with current up to 2 amperes. The weight of the device without a battery does not exceed 85 grams.

Primo Mini 80mm high, 25mm wide and 39mm long
1.3 inch Primo Mini display
Primo Mini in the hand

Device in operation

The Primo Mini landing pad has a diameter of 25mm – so it is compatible with almost all clearomizers and drips. If the aesthetic component is not important for you – you are absolutely free to choose. The device’s menu is easy to learn: three presses of the Fire button are responsible for switching modes, and four for setting up the selected one. The set of modes itself, as already noted above, is absolutely standard: from modes that are more suitable for a beginner and do not require detailed settings, to special modes for advanced users. Primo sits very comfortably in the hand and does not have sharp edges, the buttons are pressed easily and with a noticeable click. You can safely recommend it to lovers of tanks for a cigarette puff – in this case, you can get very good autonomy. Otherwise, the ability to replace the battery and quick charge will come to the rescue .

Our feelings from the Primo Mini review remained positive: it is a very convenient and compact device with the ability to quickly replace the battery. It also supports fast charging technology. Of the minuses, it can be noted low operating time at high power.


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