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How to use IQOS 2.4 plus - review

How to use IQOS 2.4 plus – review

Today we have a very interesting guest on the review. This is a PMI tobacco heating device called the IQOS 2.4 Plus .

Batareykin’s IQOS 2.4 Plus video review

 IQOS packaging

Philip Morris is a leader among tobacco companies that seek to develop alternative nicotine delivery methods that are less harmful to health. The result of research was the emergence of the IQOS tobacco heating system .Equipment

The IQOS device comes in a neat box that contains the holder , a cigarette case for charging the holder, a cord and power supply, as well as a cleaning brush.Principle of operation

The principle of operation is quite simple: a tobacco stick is installed in the holder (the so-called heating element, which is remotely similar to a cigarette, only smaller), a ceramic knife installed inside the holder cuts the tobacco sheet and appears inside the stick, and then, when the power button is pressed, it is heated to temperature 350 degrees, providing evaporation of the extract from the tobacco leaf. During the heating process, no ash is formed, and the amount of emitted steam (and odor) is small. No additional button presses after the heating process is required, you can soar the stick for about 15 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes faster. After a steam cycle, the spent stick must be removed by lifting the special part of the holder up, and the holder should be removed in a cigarette case for recharging.

How to use iQOS
IQOS Design

Device design

The button of the holder is equipped with a bright indicator that displays the readiness of the device for use and the remaining time. A vibration motor is installed inside, notifying about the end of the tobacco stick resource .

The indication on the cigarette case is no less bright, indicating the charging status: whether the holder is charging, the cigarette case itself, how much charge is left. There is a button to open the cigarette case, a power button and a button for connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth. The holder and cigarette case have a soft-touch coating, it is a real pleasure to hold them in your hands.

Differences with the previous version of IQOS.

The novelty has a number of improvements that distinguish it from the previous generation of IQOS devices. In 2.4 Plus, the entire display has been changed to LED, which is more bright and readable.

The button for forced cleaning of the ceramic blade disappeared: now the device itself understands when it is necessary to put itself in order. The Bluetooth button for connecting to Android smartphones took its place (the version of the application for iOs will appear later). In a special application you can see the status of your device, manage functionality and read news from IQOS. In the future, the functionality of the application will be expanded. The charging speed of both the cigarette case and the holder has been increased: you can return to using the device even faster.

For drivers, the vibration function of the holder will be useful – the device will notify you of the end of the soaring cycle. There is compatibility of old and new versions of IQOS, in which all the basic functions of the device will function.

The color scheme has changed slightly – all the buttons on the device now have a golden hue.

iQOS 2.4 Plus

Conclusion of the IQOS 2.4 Plus review:

Creating an updated device, PMI very much thought about the consumer. IQOS 2.4 Plus combines many features that will be useful to the end user. The hovering process itself has not changed, but has become nicer thanks to the accelerated charging of the holder. Motorists will also appreciate innovations in the form of vibration at the end of the soaring cycle.

The IQOS tobacco heating system can be purchased at our retail stores or you can arrange home delivery now.


  1. advantage
    Completely abandoned cigarettes, no smell, no ash

    You need to clean the device)

    At first, the sensations were not clear, the taste was strange, but after 3 days I tried a regular cigarette and almost vomited. I advise everyone))) .

  2. Advantage
    There is no unpleasant odor, you smoke one stick much more than one cigarette. Smoking is acceptable for non-smokers and children – there is no effect of a passive smoker. The IQOS community is a whole fashionable culture, it is very interesting to consider joining it as a healthy current and a club of common interests.

    The device does not work in the cold, it is suitable for pleasant smoking only in warm rooms. The smell when the stick is heated is an amateur. You have to learn the discipline and culture of the device – charge, clean, change … smoking is no longer as simple as with a cigarette.


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