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We can say that the history of our brand began in JAM.

We can say that the history of our brand began in JAM.

We can say that the history of our brand began in JAM.
Simple and understandable tastes are still justly in demand.

Today we bring you the updated JAM line.
These are not only new stylish bottles, but also the process of POD devices becomes simple and comfortable.

Reinforcement arrives at the JAM SIMPLE flavor line! ??
In every sense of the word.

These are 3 completely new flavors of JAM SALT (20 and 40 mg).

Balanced combinations that reveal on low-power devices, and what is important – do not kill the evaporator!

As you know, this makes the taste stronger. ??

Meet the 3 tastes of JAM SALT:

ENERGY MANGO is an invigorating energetic cocktail with slices of tropical sweet mango.
BANANA TOBACCO – a combination of tobacco astringency and almost candy sweetness of banana pulp.
QIWI GUM – strawberry bubble gum filled with sweet kiwi.

And 7 cult tastes of JAM SIMPLE, already familiar to many, but in a new modern format:

AN APPLE. The taste of juicy sweet and sour apple. Rich and rich aroma with many different shades.
AROMATIC TOBACCO. A characteristic cigarette taste with an ash tint and a pleasant note of prunes.
GRAPE. The rich, rich taste of ripe grapes harmoniously intertwines with honey notes, leaving a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.
VIRGINIA TOBACCO. The characteristic tobacco taste, deservedly become a classic. Deep, rich aroma.
CHERRY. Saturated cherry aroma with a long, slightly tart aftertaste.
STRAWBERRY. Delicate strawberry aroma, sweet and with a pleasant acidity.
RASPBERRY. Natural aroma of sweet raspberries. Bright recognizable taste.


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