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ICare 2 review

ICare 2 review

ICare 2 review

In August 2016, Eleaf introduced the iCare electronic cigarette. The device with an automatic puff sensor turned out to be very compact, ideal for lovers of a cigarette puff and a large nicotine strength. Now it’s time for a full continuation of the line – the Eleaf iCare 2 device .

ICare 2 Options


The model comes in a small bright box. In the kit you will find a device in one of six possible colors: bright red or light green, neutral gray or gold, classic white or black. In the compartment under the device there are two IC 1.3 Ohm evaporators , a USB charging cable and printed materials. This is more than enough for a similar set.

Construction and dimensions

The second-generation iCare design is very interesting. The device looks like a miniature brick. The size is really impressive: 86mm high, 13mm wide and 31mm long. Casing is made of soft-touch material. The fluid reservoir is plastic, it is very difficult to damage. It has a volume of 2 ml and is removable – now it’s not difficult to clean the capacity, and as a bonus you can carry several cartridges with different liquids with you and change them according to your desire. The weight of the device was 33.5 grams.

Dimensions icare2
icare 2 parsed


In addition to the already mentioned soft coating and a removable plastic tank, Eleaf iCare 2 received a convenient battery indication. We said goodbye to the automatic tightening sensor – the device is operated from a button. The color of the LED under the button changes depending on the level of remaining charge. A charging hole is located on the side of the device. The resistance threshold is from 0.6 to 3 ohms. Blowing in this model is not regulated and is designed for a cigarette puff .

Eleaf iCare 2 indicator
iCare 2 Works on New 1.3 Ohm IC Evaporators


The device works on new IC 1.3 Ohm evaporators; according to the manufacturer, they provide better taste detection. Older IC 1.1 Ohm and SC 1.1 Ohm evaporators also work with this unit. Based on personal experience, we can say that evaporators have become less sensitive to a thick liquid (however, a liquid with the highest glycerol content should not be added there) and more durable.

This model is suitable for almost everyone. Those who want to give up bad habits will find themselves a wonderful replacement for cigarettes. Advanced sweaters will enjoy a great spare device for any occasion. The device does not emit a huge amount of steam and is very compact, which makes it possible to use it in a variety of situations. A good addition to this is good taste and ease of maintenance.

During the review, we tested iCare 2 and made up our mind about this device. The use of iCare 2 leaves only a positive impression. This is not only a device for every day, but also a stylish accessory to complement your look.

Separately, it is worth noting the excellent disclosure of the tastes of the liquid, coupled with its low consumption. Ease and simplicity in use allows to serve the device as quickly as possible. But iCare 2 also has disadvantages – with prolonged use, the device will often have to be recharged.

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