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eGo AIO D16 electronic cigarette

eGo AIO D16 electronic cigarette

Just like all ingenious

Joyetech’s compact eGo AIO D16 electronic cigarette is an excellent choice for those who are faithful to the classics and appreciate simple solutions.

I affirm D16
I affirm D16

Over the past ten years, our idea of electronic cigarettes has changed so much that one can only be surprised. The miniature devices, assembled exclusively in the image and likeness of ordinary cigarettes, were replaced by massive box mods and roomy clearomizers , and vaping in many countries of the world turned into a full-fledged isolated subculture. This can be treated in different ways, but the fact remains: for some time now, “soaring” is not only an easy way to quit smoking, but also a kind of cultural phenomenon that has long been overgrown with all the relevant attributes.

However, for many users all this hype is interesting insofar as. While enthusiasts, until hoarse, discuss the merits of the next top-end “device” and alternative methods of winding spirals, rank and filers remain true to the classics. In the end, not everyone needs the flagship functionality, which means that compact and easy-to-manage electronic cigarettes will always be in fashion!

Fortunately, the world’s leading manufacturers understand this as well as you and we regularly delight lovers of fragrant steam with interesting novelties of a basic level. The hero of our review today is the budget electronic cigarette eGo AIO D16 from Joyetech – just their number!


Let’s start the review of the eGo AIO D16, according to tradition, with the delivery kit of the device. The model is packed in an oblong cardboard box, on which the main characteristics of the cigarette are indicated, contact details of the manufacturer and other related information. The front of the box, as is usually the case with Joyetech products, is decorated with an eGo AIO D16 image almost life-size. In the delivery set, in addition to the electronic cigarette itself, there was a place for a standard micro-USB cable, two replaceable vaporizers BF SS316and an alternative direct mouthpiece made of transparent plastic. Another drip tip – with a “swirling” air duct – is painted exactly to the color of the case and is installed on the cigarette initially. Instruction manual and warranty card are included. There is nothing more remarkable in the box, but for a device of this class the delivery set is already quite decent.

Construction and dimensions

The eGo AIO D16 electronic cigarette is that rare case when the name of the model, literally, speaks for itself. Let’s start in order: the eGo line from Joyetechcombines a number of compact devices aimed at the widest circle of smokers. Decent flavor, elegant design and emphasized ease of management – the key advantages of the series are reflected in our new product today! The mysterious abbreviation AIO hides the phrase All-In-One, which in a free translation into Russian can be conveyed with a slightly clumsy (but very accurate) wording “all in one.” The bottom line is that the battery pack and the clearomizer of an electronic cigarette are enclosed in a monolithic case and, in fact, are a single unit. Finally, the last part of the name hints at the diameter of the device: it, you guessed it, is 16 millimeters (or rather 16.5 mm, but let’s leave this to the conscience of Joyetech marketers). Model height

eGo AIO D16 dimensions

Leakage protection and other features

As you can see, in appearance, the eGo AIO D16 is a typical representative of its line. Moreover, the new cigarette is not just made in the traditional cylindrical form factor, but is also a kind of “return to the origins”: precisely such devices – long and thin – were once considered almost the standard for the entire electronic vaping industry. However, eGo AIO D16 left its predecessors far behind, because in technical terms it is implemented at a fundamentally new level. The main feature of the device was the original design of the fluid reservoir. The fact is that the tank of an electronic cigarette is made according to the principle of a closed glass and has no technological openings at all. What does it give?

It’s simple: in this way, Joyetech engineers were able to once and for all solve the painful problem of leaks, which any experienced steam worker had anyway.

It is worth noting that this technology was used in branded devices before, so the manufacturer managed to bring it to perfection by the release of eGo AIO D16. The model is presented in several color options and is made of traditional materials already: the case is made of stainless steel, the transparent windows of the liquid reservoir are made of tempered glass.

eGo AIO D16 leakage protection
refueling eGo AIO D16
MAX mark between the eGo AIO D16 tank windows
топкэп eGo AIO D16

As in the basic eGo AIO model, the main structural element here was the removable cover of the fluid reservoir (topcap). It is on it that the duct system, the adjustment of the tightening force, the connector under the mouthpiece and even the mount for evaporators are located. How it looks and works in practice: the user screws the evaporator into the bottom of the top-cap, after which the heating element is completely immersed in the tank with liquid pre-filled. Refueling, by the way, also does not raise questions: the width of the filling hole allows pouring the mixture almost over the edge of the bottle – it is difficult to miss the tank even with a big desire! The only thing worth paying attention to is the MAX mark, located exactly between the windows of the tank. If after filling the liquid level exceeds this mark, the massive evaporator will surely push the excess mixture out, so be careful. By the way, it’s time to mention another feature of the eGo AIO D16 – the e-cigarette lid is equipped with integrated “child protection”. Do not worry: if you know what to do, getting around it is not difficult. It is enough to slightly press the topcap to the body, and then unscrew it counterclockwise.

Features, draft control and evaporators

Move on! The case of the electronic cigarette eGo AIO D16 hides a built-in non-removable battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. It is clear that the charge consumption for each user will be individual, but with the moderate use of such a reserve of capacity should be enough for several hours. Naturally, if you do not plan to let the device out of your hands at all, you will have to charge the battery 2-3 times a day. However, this should hardly be a problem: the model supports the option of hovering while charging, and if there are no “sockets” nearby, you can always use an external battery or USB port of your computer as a power source. The activation and lock key eGo AIO D16 is equipped with a built-in LED that helps you by eye to determine the current battery level. Another indicator is located inside the tank – if desired, the user can at any time change the color of the LED or turn it off altogether. Note that the device works on the principle of mechmod, and its maximum power with a fully charged battery will be about 24 watts.

The built-in eGo AIO D16 tank is designed for 2 milliliters of liquid – the result is at the level of most classmates. As in the case of the battery, it is almost impossible to predict the exact flow rate of the mixture. Since this volume of liquid will definitely not be enough for the whole day, we will give obvious advice – try to have at least a small bottle with the mixture. Most likely you will need it! Again, refueling the tank, even for an inexperienced user, is unlikely to take more than one minute, so you should not worry about it. Keep in mind that due to the specific location of the BF evaporators, it is undesirable to evaporate the liquid to the last drop, otherwise the cotton filler may burn out ahead of time. Focus on the eGo AIO D16 inspection windows – if the mixture has reached the bottom of the “porthole”,

Of the pleasant, though familiar, little things, we note the possibility of adjusting the air supply. The setting of the tightening force is carried out by rotating a special ring located under the platform for the mouthpiece. To make it easier for users, the manufacturer placed two barely noticeable dots on the top of the lid. Thus, in order to achieve the most light traction, it is enough to set them at the same level. If you want a tighter puff, place them at an angle of 90 degrees. In general, the eGo AIO D16 is designed for fans of tight cigarette traction – in this sense, the air supply here is built almost optimally.

0.6 ohm evaporators eGo AIO D16

Well and the last – evaporators. Here, the familiar BF SS316 type heating elements with stainless steel winding and a resistance of 0.6 Ohms are responsible for the disclosure of aromas and steam generation. They have proven themselves in past devices from Joyetech, so in terms of taste, the eGo AIO D16 electronic cigarette can argue on equal terms with much more expensive and massive devices. By the way, on the evaporators themselves, among other things, there is a small notch ML – which means that they were originally sharpened specifically for a tight cigarette puff.

I affirm D16

Device in operation

So, with the theory in the review eGo AIO D16 figured out, let’s move on to practice. The battery is charged, the tank is charged, the evaporator is installed, the cover is screwed into place. If you decide to immediately adjust the tank backlight – why not – hold down the activation key for a few seconds with the battery turned off. Each time you press the indicator will change its color. Stopping at the most pleasing to the eye option, turn on the eGo AIO D16 by fivefold pressing. Before steaming, be sure to make several long idle puffs so that the cotton filler in the evaporator is properly saturated with liquid. After waiting for fidelity, the control minute, hold down the activation key and begin to inhale the thick fragrant steam. What can I say: everything is exactly as we thought!

To summarize

The conclusion of the review will be brief: eGo AIO D16 was a success! If you are looking for a worthy gift for a beginner vaper, pick up the first electronic cigarette for yourself, your beloved, or just want to buy an inexpensive and practical device as a spare device, the new from Joyetech is exactly what you need.

A tight cigarette puff, a classic form factor, a nice design, thoughtful design to the smallest detail, an elementary control system, effective leakage protection and excellent taste transfer – in its niche, the eGo AIO D16 has virtually no competitors!


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