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IScream Liquid Range - Cool!

IScream Liquid Range – Cool!

IScream Liquid Range – Cool!

A truly summer line of liquids from the Flavors Factory Only selected varieties of cream ice cream and fresh fruits that complement it perfectly. About chocolate lovers, too, have not forgotten. Rather, grab a bottle convenient for use in the Shake & Vape format and go to the country of cool sweets.


IScream Fluid is the perfect find for the sweet tooth suffering from the summer heat. Each mix pleases the ice cream flavors with fruit slices or wrapped in chocolate icing, familiar from childhood. Bright and stylish label design instantly catches your eye. Comfortable bottles with a volume of 60 milliliters will also please you – 50 of them are occupied by the liquid itself, and you can add a nicobuster to the remaining volume if desired.

IScream Cho-Cho Liquid: Chocolate Ice Cream

The taste of delicate creamy ice cream in chocolate glaze is familiar to everyone. The main sweet tooth company Flavors Factory tried to recreate it as accurately as possible, giving you an unforgettable journey into the world of creamy coolness. IScream Cho-Cho fluid with a PG / VG ratio of 30/70 is ideal for afternoon relaxation in the shade. 

IScream Strawdrip Liquid: Strawberry Ice Cream

An amazing combination of natural ice cream and ripe strawberries, prepared by Flavors Factory mixologists according to a secret recipe for certified confectioners. Under the cover of night, a truck of ice cream workers traveled around the surrounding fields with strawberries, finding you the ripe and most selected berries. Thanks to this, iScream Strawdrip PG / VG 30/70 has turned out to be so tasty that it is simply impossible to break away from it.

IScream Bananza Liquid: Banana Ice Cream

The truly summer taste of ice cream with banana slices is exactly what is needed for happiness on a hot day. Experienced banana experts from Flavors Factory went on a business trip to the most famous plantations – they really know a lot about the combination of ripe fruits and a refreshing dessert. IScream Bananza fluid with a PG / VG ratio of 30/70 will delight all lovers of traditional summer sweets. 

IScream Berrieman Liquid: Wild Berry Ice Cream

The Flavor Factory specialists went to the forest and gathered for you a basket of the most delicious berries in the world. But you won’t surprise anyone with berries, but with the perfect combination with creamy ice cream … Delicate milk notes are wonderfully complemented by the sourness of ripe berries, interwoven into the refreshing and unique aroma of iScream Berrieman liquid with a PG / VG ratio of 30/70. 


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