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Sole RDA - and again a Philippine product

Sole RDA – and again a Philippine product

Sole RDA – and again a Philippine product (from Optimum MODS Philippines)

Good day to all vapers and all those who regularly monitor updates in today’s market. Once again, I would like to introduce you to the representative of the category of drip atomizers, or drip, in other words, which was introduced to us again by the Philippine modders. Today, our guest is a company called Optimum MODS Philippines. The company is relatively young, but this does not mean that their products are limited only by the drip, which is present in our review today, they have very good mechanical modes, hybrid forms for one or several batteries, in general, who are interested just google the name of the company and there you will see everything yourself. And yes, who are interested in, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with yet another drip atomizer from the manufacturer’s company, which is, as it were, a visiting card of the company, this is the Illustrious D24 atomizer  In general, with the number of devices the company has everything in order, and the price is not low for the products either, which means you should expect the devices to work for a long time and you will enjoy all the delights of the hover process during their operation. Well, today our protagonist of the review is an atomizer called Sole RDA, which literally at the end of spring was announced by the Filipinos.

Knowing several previous models of atomizers, I expected a slightly different package in which the developers of the company send their atomizer, but perhaps I do not exclude the fact that in the photo below we see the packaging and packaging only of the pre-release model. As you can see, the atomizer is packaged in a regular zip bag that contains all the contents, the atomizer itself and several small zip bags that contain all the necessary tools for maintenance and spare parts. Also among the configuration it is worth noting the presence of a decorative ring and a pin for BF-mods. Well, this, perhaps, is all that relates to the presentation and configuration.

Sole RDA - and again a Philippine product (from Optimum MODS Philippines)

Now let’s look at the appearance of the atomizer. First of all, I would like to say about the diameter of the model, in this model it is 25 mm, the atomizer is not the smallest, and the appearance is not particularly distinguished from the majority of Chinese drips, but what’s on top is not so important, the main thing is “ under the hood. ” The company offers us a choice of several options for external design, where differences are noticeable only in color, and one exclusive model, which comes in a separate edition, in which the cap itself is made of heat-resistant plastic. The name of the model itself is written in large letters on the case; the wide drip-type also fits perfectly into the overall design.

Sole RDA - and again a Philippine product (from Optimum MODS Philippines)

Sole RDA - and again a Philippine product (from Optimum MODS Philippines)

Now let’s take a look at the constructive structure of the site being serviced, here, by the way, everything is very interesting and not so similar to most models of Chinese atomizers. On the base, opposite each other, there is a clamping pad, and a special unit with a hole with which you can adjust the airflow of the spiral. Naturally, only one spiral is installed in this model. Pay attention to the insulator on the clamping stand, the installation is simple and does not cause any difficulties, in general, here is another regular drip from Philippine moderators.


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