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Phiness VEGA Pod System
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Phiness VEGA Pod System

VEGA Pod System

Today, my guest is a very entertaining copy that has come out of the pen of a subsidiary of Vandy Vape. Perhaps it’s worth immediately saying that this is the smallest podick that I happened to keep in my already strained tentacles. Let’s get acquainted.

Phiness VEGA Pod System

Dimensions: 66.5 x 28 x 11mm (52 ​​x 28 x 11mm only mod)
Weight: 28g
Case material: zinc alloy + resin
Power: built-in 272mAh
Cartridge capacity: 1ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.5Ω
Output power: 5 – 15W
Mode Works: POWER
Protection:from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharge / overdischarge
Connector type: magnetic
Screen / diagonal: no
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.4A
Color: see photo below

– VEGA mod
– interchangeable cartridge (pre-installed)
– chain
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card

Feel ???  - Phiness VEGA Pod System ...

Naturally, I’ll start with the dimensions – our hero is very compact. If we compare it with the objects that are familiar to us, then we can say that it is like a 0.75 matchbox, and in height it is about the standard battery of size 18650. In the middle palm of these you can hide as many as two pieces, or maybe three))) It is

decorated quite neatly – in my case, resin panels are warm and pleasant to the touch on both sides. The skeleton is made of metal, the corners are rounded, but the edges are island-like. Ergonomics is excellent – you can hold it with your fingers, even in a closed palm.

A removable cartridge of small capacity, however, is a payment for special compactness. By the way, the lion’s share of opportunities is sacrificed to this “god”. The tank is refilled from above – just remove the mouthpiece, by the way, the last convenient flattened shape. This operation can be performed without removing the cartridge from the device. The filling hole is medium in size, it is duplicated. The built-in evaporator is naturally designed for liquids with a high content of nicotine, including saline. However, for me it is tall, so I did not get the proper saturation. The cartridge inside the device is fixed reliably – it seems to be sitting to death.

Feel ???  - Phiness VEGA Pod System ...

There are no buttons on the body of the pod – puff activation. The built-in battery is expected to be of a small capacity, although in fact, I was even “poured” over the flaps. The full charge cycle lasts about 40-45 minutes, while you can soar. The developers put the connector for these purposes at the bottom so as not to disturb the aesthetics of the exterior. The LED indicator of the battery charge level has settled at the base, the light is dim, but quite sufficient.

Plus, on one of the corners is an eyelet for attaching a complete chain. The latter is quite long even to be worn around the neck and is likely to wrap the paint in a causal place after a certain amount of time. However, for such an opportunity, I always praise manufacturers, I will not change the tradition now.

Phiness VEGA Pod System

The puff turned out to be medium in tightness – it is almost impossible to drag directly into the lungs. Probably, it should be compared with MTL analog. I liked the taste transfer – the ingredients of the liquid are recognized. Yes, yes – do not be surprised – in some pods one slush from another can be extremely difficult to distinguish. And here the result is quite decent for this segment, as for me.


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