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Eleaf Tance Max Kit (15W, 1100 mAh) with Tance Max Atomizer (4 ml)

Eleaf Tance Max Kit (15W, 1100 mAh) with Tance Max Atomizer (4 ml)

Eleaf Tance Max Kit

The latest Eleaf cartridge system, called the Tance Max, is the case when a great design and impressive autonomy are combined in one device. The Eleaf Tance Max Kit is simple, stylish and delicious!


The vape Eleaf Tance Max is a bit more familiar with the cartridge systems that you are used to dealing with – its length is about 10 cm. In the case of this device, the manufacturer completely focused on the implementation of the functionality in a relatively small case and did not rely on minimalism.

The visual style of the electronic cigarette Eleaf Tance Max is capable of causing amazement – both sides have an irresistible glossy finish with a multi-colored pattern that attracts attention at first sight. Colored panels are neatly recessed into the case and leave the impression of a single, integral design.

The strength of the Eleaf Tance Max is its autonomy: there is an impressive 1100 mAh battery inside, thanks to which you can enjoy delicious steam much longer than with other representatives of Pod systems. And in order to charge the Tance Max more convenient and faster, Eleaf for the first time among cartridge systems introduced the USB Type-C connector – one cable to charge everything!

With care for ease of use, the manufacturer has provided many interesting features that are invisible at first glance. The first is the presence of small serifs on both sides of the cartridge, making it really convenient to remove from the Tance Max Pod.

An additional plus is the ability to adjust the airflow – this is not in every cartridge system! The adjusting ring is located at the bottom of the cartridge at the base of the base under the evaporator. The refueling process is carried out using a laterally shifted radius plug at the bottom of the evaporator.

You can buy the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit in the Vardex company store of your city or make an order online, with the possibility of delivery throughout Russia.


  • Battery mod Tance Max
  • Tance Max Cartridge (4 ml)
  • GS Air S 1.6 Ohm Evaporator
  • GS Air M 0.6 Ohm Evaporator
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User’s manual


Manufacturer:EleafDevice type:Ready setPuff Type:CigaretteMaximum power:15 wattsBattery capacity:1100 mAhAtomizer Tank Volume:4 ml

Board specifications

Type of inclusion:Manual – by pressing the “Fire” buttonPower adjustment:NoOperating modes:Direct (Bypass)Range of working resistances:0.3 – 3.0 ohm


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