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Joyetech eCom e-cigarette kit review

Joyetech eCom e-cigarette kit review

I would like to start the review of Joyetech eCom with the fact that we live in interesting times, and we can personally see how literally from scratch, from scratch, the appearance of a completely new product is formed, which has never existed before – an electronic cigarette.

Since its inception, Hon Lick in 2004, the electronic cigarette has already come a long way, turning from a rather awkward and hesitantly working “ugly duckling” into an increasingly well-designed and less user-friendly thing.

And, I must say, at the head of this process was always Joyetech, whose developments almost immediately became the industry standard and determined the very appearance of the electronic cigarette.

And now, in December 2013, the electronic cigarette finally turned from a set of compromises or the result of searching and throwing into a finished consumer product, into a modern Joyetech eCom device , designed and made in the way it was customary to design and manufacture them in the 21st century.

In principle, with the release of  Joyetech eMode a  little earlier, Joyetech already “played with muscles”, demonstrating that in the new product line they have reached a technological and quality level that is not available to any of the other market participants.

It was enough to pick up eMode once to understand that this is simply a completely different generation, even a different era. But eMode, nevertheless, is a niche product that is not designed for mass vaper, both due to size and price.

The most popular model has always been e-cigarettes in the size of eGo, and, of course, now the eCom cigarette has appeared in the new Joyetech line.

We have received a sample of Joyetech eCom for quite some time, and now we can share our impressions with you.

So what is eCom?

Firstly , this is the size familiar to everyone: in terms of diameter and length, the eCom e-cigarette exactly matches the popular eGo-CC model .

Secondly , it is a varivolt and a varivatt. The eCom battery is capable of delivering power up to 10 watts, and the voltage or power value is selected by the user using the convenient controller on the bottom of the battery. Approximately like Twist, only the regulator is much larger and more convenient.

Thirdly , and this, in our opinion, is very important – the battery is charged directly from USB via a micro-USB port on the cigarette itself. And, of course, you can soar right while charging. This may be an argument in favor of buying eCom.

Fourth  , here we use a completely new atomizer eCom – a clearomizer with a replaceable next-generation vaporizer C2. These evaporators have been specifically designed for use with varivolts, and are designed to operate at capacities up to 10 watts. The eCom atomizer itself is also curious – adjusting the air supply with a special valve, the upper air intake, the ability to install any 510th mouthpiece through the adapter that is included in the kit. 

And finally, the eCom cigarette is the highest quality workmanship and finish. In this sense, it can only be compared with eMode.

And now the electronic cigarette about Joyetech eCom in detail

The first thing that catches your eye: the electronic cigarette Joyetech eCom is unexpectedly miniature. It seems smaller and more elegant than the same eGo-CC Smart, despite the full correspondence of diameter and length.

Most likely, this impression is created due to the cone-shaped power regulator at the bottom of the battery. The workmanship of the case is beyond praise.

Brushed stainless steelp, on which fingerprints remain and scratches are invisible, minimal gaps, finely made threads in the connector, neat inscriptions and notation.

Even the battery button is made of brushed metal. In general, it is very similar to eMode, but the Joyetech eCom electronic cigarette is more elegant.

ECom Management

In addition to the button indicator, there are two more small holes under which the LEDs for indicating the selected mode are hidden – VV and VW.

The same indicators are also responsible for displaying the battery level.

This happens the same way as in eMode, when the battery is charged in the Joyetech eCom, the mode indicator lights up constantly, as it starts to discharge, it starts to flicker the faster, the less charge remains in the battery.

The choice of power or voltage is made by turning the bottom of the battery.

Unlike a similar controller in Twist, it’s easy to grab hold of your fingers, and you don’t have to break your eyes trying to make out small signs, everything is much larger and more visible here.

ECom battery

The connector connecting the battery and the eCom atomizer is non-standard, this connector appears for the first time in eCom.

As far as we can tell, the use of the new connector is due to the desire to reduce, as much as possible, the total length of the device.

Such a connector is more compact and does not take up too much space. And, most likely, it will also become the industry standard, as happened with other types of connectors developed by Joyetech .

In addition, the eCom atomizer has a curious design. To replace the replaceable evaporator, unscrew the central part of the connector from the clearomizer side using the screwdriver included in the kit.

This decision, too, is apparently intended to reduce the overall length of the cigarette.

ECom parser atomizer

Filling with liquid is not a problem. We unscrew the mouthpiece, and under it around the central steam line we see three holes: one wider for refueling, the nozzle of the bottle perfectly fits into it, the second for air outlet when refueling, and in the third you can see the air adjustment valve.

The liquid level is easily controlled through transparent windows in the clearomizer housing.

Everything is very similar to the eMode atomizer, but there is an important difference: the eCom atomizer is end-to-end, without the complex channel system that is in the steam pipe of the eMode atomizer .

This means that there is nothing superfluous on the way of the steam, and it will not cool down along the way. Fans of warm steam, to which I myself belong, will be pleased.

The air intake, by the way, is made through the hole in the upper part of the case, and the clearomizer is sealed on the side of the connector.

And this means that there can be no leakage of liquid in the direction of the battery, even in theory, there simply is nowhere to flow. However, the eCom leaky cigarette already has no problems.

We tested it for about a month, and during this time it was not possible to encounter any leakage. The liquid remains where it should be, and it enters the mouth only in the form of steam.

Joye eCom air intakes

About soaring

The maximum power is comparable, and the design of the clearomizer, in my opinion, is more successful than eMode due to the direct steam line, and allows you to fully reveal the potential of the new C2 evaporator.

Warm, plentiful and dense steam without signs of burning, even at maximum power. The thrust is easily adjustable over a fairly wide range, although I always put it on the lightest.

I really liked it, and the eCom e-cigarette economically settled in my pocket as one of the main vapor devices.

ECom Clearomizer Holes

In general, an eCom cigarette is a combination of a small size, a relatively capacious battery, a paster, a successful and trouble-free vaporizer, high quality workmanship and excellent appearance – all in one device.

Honestly, buying an eCom and scolding it is impossible, except for the rather high price of replaceable evaporators.

Finally, the electronic cigarette has become a complete and thought-out modern consumer device.

The composition of the kit is impressive – do not forget to put a stylish screwdriver-keychain to adjust the air supply and change the evaporator.

There is also a special adapter adapter that allows you to install any 510th mouthpiece.

Although we did not have any complaints about the regular plastic mouthpiece. Even spare covers for the USB port – and those in the set are.

In general, the Joyetech eCom configuration options are many – as many as five, except for different colors, black and steel.

There are single sets with 650mAh and 100mAh batteries, there are also familiar double sets, in which there are two complete cigarettes at once.

The news was a double kit, which includes two cigarettes with batteries of different capacities, one 1000mAh, the other 650mAh.

The eCom cigarette also visited the laboratory of our service center, but there were some minor difficulties.

Due to the specific connector, it has not yet been possible to connect the eCom electronic cigarette to our test bench; a special adapter must be made.

And without connecting to the stand it is problematic to measure the electrical parameters as expected, that is, under load. We will definitely solve this problem, and as soon as we make the necessary adapter, we will test eCom from this point of view.

About size and weight: The eCom cigarette weighs 650mAh, the option is just 55 grams. The usual diameter, 14mm, is the same as that of eGo. The length of this option is 170mm. with a standard mouthpiece, eCom with a 1000mAh battery is slightly longer, 192mm.

Joyetech’s policy is that you can only buy eCom in offline retail stores. Our online store is the only one in Russia where you can buy eCom to order.

The first delivery of the eCom e-cigarette is expected on December 7, and from December 9, they should appear on sale.

But now you can pre-order, and as soon as the eCom cigarette is on sale, we will contact you. Of course, those who pre-order will take priority and get the Joyetech eCom first.


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