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Review Wismec Presa 75

Review Wismec Presa 75

Review Wismec Presa 75

A bit of history: you all know Joyetech, which for many years has been one of the undisputed leaders in the vaping industry, constantly delighting its fans with more and more high-tech innovations and capturing the rest of the market. Joyetech’s positions are traditionally very strong in Europe and Asia, but when the company undertook an expansion into the US market, it quickly became clear that it had its own specific features and required a special approach when creating products.

In order to implement this approach, Joyetech created a new brand, Wismec, acquired its own design studio in California, and enlisted the support of the famous American modder Jay Bo. And, armed in this way, they started a company to conquer the American market. You and Joyetech’s adventures overseas are also of great interest to us, because as a result, very interesting gizmos appear under the Wismec brand.

Today we will meet in a review with their most modern creation today – the Wismec Presa 75W battery mod. Generally speaking, this Presa is not the first, or even the second – under this name the company has already released twice very successful battery mods, which were “design” versions of the Eleaf iStick, differing from them in a case redesigned to be completely unrecognizable, having a minimum for the declared characteristics and used batteries of the size and originally looking and proved to be excellent in operation by the rocker button, on which the display is located directly.

We can say that the characteristic forms and the same button have become the hallmark of the Presa series, which it would be unreasonable to refuse, developing new versions of this mod. And, indeed, the first and most fleeting glance at the hero (or heroine?) Of our review will tell you that this is Wismec Presa and nothing else.

True, since the time of the Presa 40 TC, the mod managed to grow noticeably, slightly rounded in shape, having grown up the angular, but attractive for many brutality of previous models, and got a replaceable 18650 battery. But the main thing is not even this, but the internal content.

Wismec Presa 75 in the hand

Review Wismec Presa 75


No, not at all neonka. And not even a thinker, and do not hope. As we said above, “Presa” used to be iStick’s design counterparts, but now Wismec went further, and the most modern model from the “parent” brand Joyetech, namely the popular and already beloved, was chosen as the “donor” of the electronic part many eVic VTC Mini. If you understand, between it and the Presa 75W there is more in common than the differences – similar body sizes, a replaceable battery that is hidden under an aluminum cover on magnets, a large OLED display (the displays on these models are identical), a maximum power of 75 watts, support for thermal monitoring on Ni and Ti evaporators, indicators for the minimum supported resistance, and even control logic.

There are fewer differences, but they are serious enough to consciously prefer one of the models. Presa is traditionally more elegant and generally much more compact, but it doesn’t have such a wide range of colors as its closest relative – you have to be content with the black and steel colors familiar to the more “strict” Wismec. And if eVic is strictly rectangular, all the angles are straight and in terms of shape it looks “simple”, then Presa has a much bolder design and complex shapes. In general, those vapers who pay attention not least to the appearance of the mod have something to think about, although we personally vote for the umpteenth time for the representative of Wismec.

The battery cover, although it is quite traditional for the latest generation of Joyetech mods, was pleased – the play on the copy that fell into our hands is completely absent. Even the most avid perfectionist, able to find spots even in the sun, will not be able to move it even a fraction of a micron. And while, surprisingly, this does not prevent the lid from opening and closing with a flick of the wrist. Bravo, Wismec! This is exactly what magnetic caps should do.

There are no surprises inside the battery compartment – massive spring-loaded contacts that securely hold the battery and do not create unnecessary electrical losses. So we will install a battery, which, incidentally, will need to be purchased separately, giving preference to one of the high-current samples, and look at the Presa 75W from the opposite side.

Wismec Presa 75W Battery Cover

almost the entire front side of the Presa 75W is occupied by a proprietary rocker button, on it is also located an OLED display, and control buttons, and even a USB port for charging
Here, almost the entire front side is occupied by a proprietary rocker button, it also houses an OLED display, control buttons, and even a USB port for charging, which is rather unexpected.

Above the button is the engine of the mechanical lock of the main button, already familiar from other “presets”. Appearance of this


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